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Convenient and direct access to Board-certified Doctors and Pediatricians 24x7 via phone or video for diagnosis and treatment of illness, consultation or second opinion.

The future is here...

Remember, you don't need insurance to access the doctors anytime.

What is Community Doctors?

Community Doctors is a virtual doctor – actually many virtual doctors – available to our subscribers 24/7. Log on and get instant access via phone or video to a US board certified doctor. Whether you have questions, need a diagnosis, or a prescription if necessary, you’ll get one in minutes, from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you may be. No clinics or doctors office, No waiting. No stress.

It also includes a 24/7 NurseLine™ and Alternative Medicine benefits.

Time is Money - Say goodbye to waiting rooms. ​

"Hi doctor, not exactly sure just what is going on but..." ​

Expert analysis provides diagnosis and solution to resolve your issue. ​

Credentialed, Board-certified doctors in internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine and pediatrics. ​

How Can I Sign Up?

The Community Doctors program is available to individual consumers and employer groups. Once signed up, the plan includes you and your legal dependents for one low price. There are no consultation fees, paperwork, or per use charges - use whenever you need it.

This package of benefits also includes NurseLine™ and Alternative Medicine.

Contact us for more information or you can purchase the plan online – Just click on Join Today.